Our Concept

Roghandaaz brings to you dishes passed on by our generations as a ‘Culinary Legacy’ with influence from Urdu speaking lands. Our fare is rich, primarily ‘Meat Laden’ with flavors from East India, North West Frontier Province and North India to be particular. Roghandaaz is the Urdu term for a ‘Frying Pan’. A tool we believe that can dish out the simplest yet absolutely mouth watering fare, quintessential to Muslim Households.

The love for food and passion for cooking runs in our family. The women in the earlier generation were practically trained under professional ‘Khansamas’ before they got married. That was a ritual which later translated to documenting each of these rare, also some lost recipes in notebooks, the script of which is Urdu. These recipes were taught to the following generations and have thus been passed on as a family heirloom. Some are documented while others learnt by rote. The authenticity lies more in the method of preparation than the ingredients.

Roghandaaz is an honest effort to recreate these signature lost recipes. Spearheaded by the ladies of the family and a team of self taught cooks, we bring to your tables a royal spread like never before.

Our Legacy

Taking forward the culinary legacy passed on by generations, Roghandaaz is here to not tickle, but pacify your tastebuds.

“ Roghandaaz is an honest effort to recreate lost recipes.”


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